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Transportation insurance

  • Mandatory and voluntary insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners
  • Motor CASCO insurance
  • International motor insurance (Green Card)
  • Railroad transport insurance

Agricultural insurance

  • Future Crop Insurance for the spring-autumn period
  • Crop insurance for the winter period
  • Insurance of perennial plantations (gardens, and grapes)
  • Livestock insurance

Personal insurance

  • Travel insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Health insurance

Liability insurance

  • Mandatory liability insurance for hazardous facilities
  • Manufacturer liability insurance for the quality of products/services
  • Professional liability insurance

Cargo and transport liability insurance

  • Cargo insurance
  • Carrier liability insurance
  • Forwarding agent and transport operator liability insurance
  • Mandatory liability insurance for the transportation of dangerous goods

Property insurance

  • Private property and civil liability insurance
  • Buildings insurance (farms, warehouses, elevators, offices)
  • Inventories and stocks insurance (agricultural products, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides)
  • Agricultural and specialized equipment insurance (tractors, combines, excavators, bulldozers, graders, rollers)
  • Construction and technical risks insurance
  • Insurance against breakdown of machines, equipment and mechanisms

Financial insurance

  • Loss of income insurance (business interruption insurance)
  • Guarantee of Execution of the Contract

Партнерський страховий брокер LIBERTY BROKERAGE це ексклюзивні пропозиції по наданню страхових послуг в першу чергу для аграрного бізнесу: підприємств агрохолдингів та їхніх співробітників, малих та середніх фермерів та їхніх співробітників, пайовиків.

Ми знаємо, як знайти для вас оптимальне за ціною та відповідне до ваших потреб рішення і забезпечити надійний страховий захист.

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You don’t need to hire and train additional staff to carry out risk management, maintain relationships with your insurance company, and look for more favorable insurance offers.

When settling an insured event – you don’t have to control that all documents are submitted on time and by the requirements of the insurance company; that your insurance payment is not delayed, and that the expected payment is not significantly reduced.

We take on risk management, select the most appropriate insurance offers to your needs, maintain relationships with the insurance company, as well as provide effective support for the settlement of insurance cases and resolving payment issues.

Clear and affordable agro-insurance programs will help increase sales of your products, provide protection against significant financial losses or bankruptcy due to adverse weather conditions or illegal actions of third parties, and will act as an additional financial guarantee for you and your partners during forward purchases.

We have special comprehensive insurance programs for agricultural holding companies and their employees, small and medium farmers and their employees, shareholders.

We constantly analyze the insurance market and cooperate with leading reliable insurance companies.

We analyze the financial capabilities of insurance companies and the conditions necessary for reinsurance and monitor the fulfillment of these conditions by the insurance company. We have direct contacts with world reinsurance leaders (Swiss Re, Munich Re, Hannover Re, SCOR).

As a certified broker, we work as your representative in cooperation with the insurance company and take care of your interests at all stages of insurance – from the conclusion of the agreement to the control of the insurance case management and its settlement by the insurance company.

We always make sure that you receive all insurance payments quickly and in full.

By joining our large insurance portfolio, you get the opportunity to receive insurance discounts.


We constantly analyze the insurance and reinsurance market to choose only the leading Ukrainian and international companies for cooperation.


We know how to find the best solution for you and the one that suits your needs and provide reliable insurance protection.

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