When planning a trip to Turkey, it should be noted that standard insurance has some limitations, in particular, this is often a clause on not extending the insurance coverage in the event of an insured accident while under the influence of alcohol.

This was announced in an exclusive comment to Ukrinform by the consul-head of the embrassy of Ukraine in Antalya, Vyacheslav Khomenko.

“Going on a vacation – get ready. Do not count on a chance. If you have certain contraindications to staying in the sun, then the climatic conditions are very difficult. This is the most difficult region for Ukrainian citizens who live in a temperate climate. +50 in the sun and 95% humidity. This can very negatively affect your health. Therefore, I urge you to understand the situation and advise you to choose insurance in accordance with possible risks, ”the diplomat emphasized.

According to him, in ordinary insurance policies issued to Ukrainian tourists, in most cases, for example, there is a clause on not extending the validity of the contract if the person was under the influence of alcohol.

“It is very important to choose your insurance. Since … there were cases that occurred while drinking or when a person was intoxicated, for example, a broken arm or a head injury, under such conditions, no hospital undertakes any obligation to provide medical services. The insurance company does not pay for them. And this is spelled out in the insurance contract, which should be carefully read, ” ambassador explained.

He also recalled the need for special attention to travel planning by pregnant women and said that the consulate had several requests in relation with assisting in preterm birth.

“If a decision is made on a trip to the Turkish Mediterranean coast by pregnant women, then it is necessary to draw up enhanced insurance, which covers absolutely any cases of deterioration in health or preterm birth. This is the most important advice. Insurance must meet the risks that tourists may face abroad, ”said Khomenko.

As you know, in the period from May to June including the region for which the Ukrainian embrassy is responsible in Antalya, 13 cases of deaths of Ukrainian citizens were recorded.

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Фото: В’ячеслав Хоменко, Фейсбук

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