Next year, the Ministry of Health plans to develop a model of medical insurance, which, in addition to the program of medical guarantees, will allow citizens to cover medical services.

This was announced by the Minister of Health of Ukraine Zoryana Skaletskaya, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“We have next year to work out a model of health insurance, and discussions are already underway … We should think of a more comprehensive model, when we will have a medical guarantee program, provided to everyone from the budget, and the coverage of medical services is supplemented by medical insurance . For example, when the state pays insurance for children or low-income people, for someone in some part, but this (insurance – ed.) Will already be in addition to the medical guarantee program. This is our task, ”Skaletskaya said.

The Minister recalled that 2020 is a transitional year in the model of financing medical institutions. About 2 thousand hospitals should switch to contracts, change all internal management processes and become non-budget institutions, which in turn will make them more flexible to meet their needs.

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